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Lesser Poland

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Coral Camper Małopolski set off across Europe


Małopolska Coral across Europe - this is the slogan and at the same time the name of the project covering a series of promotional activities carried out by the Małopolska Tourist Organization using Camper Malopolska. Czerwony Koral, a symbol of Lesser Poland, was found on a camper-type car equipped with materials, advertising films and a mini promotional stand. A coral camper with a grateful name Camper Małopolska will be a mobile showcase of the region. Over the next few years, he will...

Turystyczna mapa Polski

Lesser Poland

Lesser Poland is a region rich in tourist attractions. You can see here medieval strongholds, Renaissance castles or imperial-royal forts. The most recognizable is of course the Wawel Royal Castle - a historic royal residence, located on the Wawel Hill in Krakow.

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