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Coral Camper Małopolski set off across Europe

06.09.2013 Małopolska Coral across Europe - this is the slogan and at the same time the name of the project covering a series of promotional activities carried out by the Małopolska Tourist Organization using Camper Malopolska. Czerwony Koral, a symbol of Lesser Poland, was found on a camper-type car equipped with materials, advertising films and a mini promotional stand. A coral camper with a grateful name Camper Małopolska will be a mobile showcase of the region. Over the next few years, he will visit most European countries, stopping and organizing shows of cities and smaller towns. Camper Małopolski set off on the first tour on May 29 with a team of four consisting of MOT employees and experts in the region's promotion, who know the languages ​​of the target countries and are not afraid of the hardships of travel and difficult work in the field.