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Forgotten memorabilia of history


Nowadays, for all chapels, they are just ordinary small buildings near roads, or paintings hung in strange places for us. We usually bypass them without paying attention or notice them. This is probably because they are everywhere: in villages and on their outskirts, in forests, in fields and...

Treasures of Collegium Maius


Collegium Maius, the oldest building of the Krakow Academy (today - the Jagiellonian University), is a place where you can find real treasures. For example, in 1493, during the redevelopment that gave the college today's shape, 95 gold rings, 15 necklaces, a gold chain with sapphires, rubies and...

Faces of Tarnów


I want to invite you for a walk around the city, which is called the Polish pole of warmth for a reason, the city which, shrouded in a mysterious mist, reveals its face to those who delve into its history, a city that, like many of us, has two faces. I invite you for a walk in Tarnów. Let's start...

Advantages of the Łapanów Commune


Cultural values ​​are the main reason why many tourists eagerly and often look into the picturesque areas of the commune. Monuments and curiosities of the commune In the Łapanów commune we will find many monuments and curiosities that deserve special attention. Some of them are hardly...